Simplified Data Integration through Document Automation
processRecords® is a powerful tool for capturing and consolidating data that is manually entered or collected by automation. With its simple interface, you can build forms quickly based on your existing or new records. You can also define a workflow for execution, enforcing sequential steps for data entry compliance. During a run, the operators may enter data manually, capture data collected automatically via OPC and review calculated data on the forms. Data entered into processRecords is stored in a secure repository for viewing, reporting and analysis
processRecords is used for the creation of an electronic device history record (eDHR) at a medical device manufacturer

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processRecords captures manual process information into an open, standard format for analysis and data mining in support of process improvements
processRecords is used to control a highly manual data entry process of receiving raw material, and by using processRecords how input is normalized, data errors are reduced and timely information flows to back end systems
processRecords workflows and forms are used to orchestrate repeated process steps and provide the operators with the knowledge to do their jobs repeatedly to the highest quality